Murat Ismail

Founder & Head Of Design

Murat Ismail is the Founder and Head of Design at Wildnut. Combining traditional and digital methods Murat entered the world of design, working in the F&B and hospitality sectors. He went on to establish himself as one of the UK’s most acclaimed graphics designer and creator of brand identities for some of London’s top bars and restaurant groups.

Bobby Kirkland

Senior Creative Artworker

Bobby has acquired the title ‘Senior Creative Artworker’ not by default but as a testament to his years of experience throughout his design career thus far. With a penchant for artwork, Bobby’s vocation excelled in the field of design. He consequently went on to successfully apply these skills within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Ben Shewring

Web Developer & Analyst

A Full-Stack Website Design & Development Specialist, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience working as an Online Marketing Developer, Media Developer and Data Engineer to name but a few, all whilst earning his major in all things web.

M. Yakin


Yakin joins Wildnut as our exclusive illustrative artist and began his journey by creating the first complete Westeros ‘Game of Thrones’ map to be hand drawn in full detail, authorised and approved by HBO Max and Warner Bros.

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