Now in its 4th successful consecutive year, the Newby Advent calendar (or Newby Tea House) has become a much-anticipated stalwart in the luxury gift world, where consumers and fans alike wait with baited breath for the forthcoming year’s design.

This year’s concept pays homage to the Japanese tea ceremony. A tradition steeped in history which is still practiced today. It is an intrinsic part of Japanese culture, with those who study it, dedicating a lifetime to the art of creating and serving incredible tea.

The design focused on converting the [advent] ‘Newby House’ in to a traditional Japanese tea house, drawing direct influence from Japanese screen doors and gold leaf. To add artistic authenticity and personality we introduced Ukiyo-E prints by carefully extracting those with interesting characters that would fit in the Newby Tea household. As a result this enchanting advent calendar was brought to life with a fully working Japanese family and guests re-enacting the ancient art of tea.

– Photography by Stuart Ovenden

– Photography by Timur Mustafa