With the ever-expanding construction industry in Turkey, there is a growing demand for Turkish construction companies to build in Asia and the Americas. Güneştekin Construction and Trade briefed us to create a new logo, accompanied by a comprehensive brand identity.

Founded in 1984 and established in 1993, Gunestekin Construction and Trade is now the third largest construction company in Istanbul. We approached this project as if it were a construction site, ensuring high-level detail and accuracy in creating a bold identity.

We wanted to retain the Turkish elements of the name, which steered us to producing a feature from its accents.

Originally, Gunestekin only harboured the word ‘construction’ and it wasn’t until recently they introduced ‘trade’. We created the ‘CT’ logo mark to signify the unity between construction and trade, by designing the ‘CT’ to fit together in a building block fashion, forming synergy and symmetry between the 2 industries.