Cartel Distillery Narcos Whiskey


“From rebellion awareness is born, and we refuse to be a part of an institution. We pride ourselves in creating ‘Whiskey with Attitude’ built from an unforgiving thirst for the real.”

Wildnut was approached by London Brewery to help create their new brewery and distillery brand. The brief was to combine British brewers with Latin distillery methods in a visually compelling style, that would be appeal to whiskey enthusiasts and those interested in something different.

For Cartel Distillery we wanted to design a brand that showcased the company’s ethos and Latin nature. The distillery’s unique brewing methods and unorthodox (and daring) name, led us to draw inspiration from South American folklore and modern pop culture.

The ‘Skull & Cigar‘ emblem contains many hidden messages and South American references, culminating to a symbol that represents its distillery masters and speciality brewers origins and fantastical history. Each piece of the design was built with Latin America and British sophistication in mind, and how to marry the two. As a result a strong daring brand was born from a unified merger of 2 globally recognised and rich nations.